sriracha hot sauce ~ a kicky little recipe collection

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Most of you who are friends or fans of ChinDeep on facebook know that I ask daily questions to get conversations started on my page. Recently, I asked the question: “What condiment could you not live without?” A couple people said, “Sriracha!” and I’m glad they did. That’s my favorite too. I was curious, after reading this… Exactly how many of my recipes include Sriracha? So, I did a search. The answer is 20! I’ve been posting recipes including this kicky little hot sauce almost since the beginning of the blog. I thought I’d share this recipe collection with you. It’s a versatile hot sauce that packs quite a punch, but what I love about it is the huge amount of flavor it lends to a wide range of dishes. Maybe try it and see for yourself.

~ sriracha hot sauce recipe collection ~

1. butternut squash & apple bisque

2. chicken & roasted red pepper hummus wrap

3. teriyaki bowl

4. asian coleslaw

5. fire steak

6. spanish rice with chicken

7. shrimp perloo

8. grilled thai chicken pizza with spicy peanut sauce

9. pasta fazool

10. latin beef picadillo

11. suki’s singapore noodles

12. teriyaki duck quesadillas

13. crunchy coconut chicken strips with ambrosia dip

14. huevos rancheros

15. sea treat

16. dynamite chili

17. grilled fish tacos

18. south of the border tortilla soup

19. african peanut soup

20. firecracker sweet potato wedges with cajun dip



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