Grilled Fish Tacos

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“South of the border, down Mexico way.
That’s where I fell in love where stars above, came out to play.
And now as I wonder, my thoughts ever stray.
South of the border, down Mexico way…”

~Jimmy Kennedy and Michael Carr


We first enjoyed fish tacos while vacationing in Maui. There’s a great little Mexican place in Lahaina’s Cannery Mall called Compadre’s that served some of the best Mexican food we’ve ever eaten. When we get a craving for this dish we’ve found it’s best to just make it at home because, sadly, the Mexican restaurants in Minnesota don’t even come close to recreating the tacos the way we remember them.

The fish for these tacos can either be deep fried in beer batter or grilled. This time we opted for the lighter grilled fish, but the tacos are fabulous both ways.

Grilled Fish Tacos

Grill 16 to 20 oz. fresh, mild fish (such as cod or haddock) that has been rubbed with a little cumin, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

Rub a little olive oil on both sides of 10 small corn tortillas. Working in batches, lightly brown them in a skillet.

Grate a few cups of extra sharp cheddar cheese.

Mix a small bag of coleslaw mix with coleslaw dressing, 3 chopped green onions, cumin, dill, salt and pepper (to taste)

Chop 5 Roma tomatoes and put them in a bowl with 3 minced garlic cloves

Stuff warm tortillas with cheese, fish, slaw, and tomato topping.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the tacos.

Top with a little sour cream.

Season with plenty of Sriracha hot sauce if you like spicy.

Cooking Tip: Many people already know the trick for removing the scent of fish from your fingers…LEMONS! But here’s a trick I learned from my Italian grandma, Darling…to effectively remove the scent of fresh garlic, rub your hands with a handful of coffee grounds. Works every time!




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