{just like harlow’s} betty bowl

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I am positively smitten with making different dinner bowls these days. Ask Jeff and Gracie 😉 There’s always plenty of healthy ingredients in the fridge just waiting to be made into a yummy combination of flavors. I have found that having high protein ingredients and lots of veggies at the ready is absolutely KEY to eating healthy. There is nothing worse that trying to make good food choices when your tummy is screaming at you to feed it. I make about 5 small meals throughout the day, and bowls like the one I’m about to share are perfect for this purpose. Always a good variety of stuff so they’re never the same and never boring.

There’s an awesome restaurant in Portland Oregon called Harlow. They make this amazingly delicious “Betty Bowl.” Here is my adaptation of that meal…

for one Betty Bowl (I like everything to be cold for this):

1/2 cup to 1 cup cooked quinoa, chilled

1/4 cup chickpeas, cooked and chilled (or other cold, cooked beans)

a handful of spring greens or spinach (or 1 cup steamed kale)

oven roasted veggies such as: carrots, potatoes, onion, beets, mushrooms

1/4 cup kimchi

1/4 cup sea veggies such as wakame, arame, dulse or sea lettuce (optional)

cooked/grilled chicken breast, chilled and shredded (optional)

hemp seeds and/or toasted sesame seeds

a drizzle or dollop of sauce (see choices below)

1/2 sliced avocado

poached, soft boiled or hard boiled egg

sauce choices:

oven roasted garlic sesame dressing

guacamole ranch dressing

ginger pear vinaigrette

tarragon mayonnaise

BBQ ranch dressing

honey-kissed cilantro vinaigrette

buttermilk dill ranch dressing

thai peanut butter hummus

Place everything in a big bowl (I like to use individual size pasta bowls for this) in order given. Top with dressing and serve.



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