pork roast stacker

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We love making leftovers into stackers! A stacker is pretty much just a hot, open faced sandwich topped with mashed potatoes. Sometimes we add a drizzle of gravy, sometimes a sprinkle of cheese, and other times just a pat of butter with salt and pepper.

Some of the other stackers my readers have enjoyed are: Thanksgiving Turkey Stackers, and Diner Meatloaf Stackers! (Just click on the links if you’d like to see the recipes.)

Here’s my latest stacker creation…. I give you the Pork Roast Stacker!

For this I used leftover Maple Pork Roast, and we used the delicious drippings as gravy. Feel free to use your favorite pork roast for this recipe.

for one pork roast stacker:

one toasted, buttered piece of Texas toast (or a thick piece of garlic toast)

one fully cooked, warmed slice of pork roast

one big scoop of hot, mashed potatoes

pork roast drippings, gravy, or butter

salt and pepper, to taste

Place the Texas toast/garlic bread on a plate, followed by the pork, scoop of mashed potatoes, gravy (or topping of choice), and salt & pepper. Serve.



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