organic whole lemonade

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I took a day to relax and it was awesome. Exactly what I needed to recharge. I got up early, and read my favorite blogs while I sipped a yummy mug of  Grand Keemun tea  with honey and milk, took a stroll downtown Red Wing and did some antique/thrift store shopping where I found some wonderful treasures. I stopped by the farmer’s market and got a bunch of beautiful, ripe tomatoes for making a huge batch of tomato jam (some of which I’ll be sharing with my dear friend Nancy for part of her birthday present,) I went to a sweet boutique and on a whim and treated myself to a fantastic shirt that I can’t wait to wear for our next date night, and I stopped  in at the Riverbend Market Co-op for some Minnesota Montrachet (made by a lovely goat cheese farm in gorgeous Scandia Minnesota called Poplar Hill), local honey from God’s Garden Honey Farm in nearby Ellsworth Wisconsin, and a bunch of organic lemons for this…

12 large, organic lemons

3 cups ice

3 cups water

1/2 cup superfine sugar

1/2 cup Mystic Blue Spice Company Lavender Sugar

1/2 cup Mystic Blue Spice Company Orange Sugar

Cut the lemons into fourths and then cut those pieces in half. Run lemon pieces through an electric juicer, peels, seeds and all. Pour this lemon concentrate into the bottom of big, clean canning jar. Add ice, water, and sugars. Cover tightly and shake. To serve: pour through a fine-mesh sieve into smaller, wide-mouth canning jars. Add ice if you like, and sprigs of fresh mint!

*Lemons are a natural blood purifier and alkalizer. The health benefits of this lemonade are quadrupled because of the use of the organic peels. Lemon peels and other citrus peels may prevent certain cancers.



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