tea tradition

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We drink a lot of tea in our house. Sometimes it’s fancy, and we take the time to set a pretty table and make up a formal tea tray complete with proper cucumber sandwiches…Other times we just stop and sit on the floor (as my grandgirl, Maddie May, is demonstrating in the photo above.) Any time can be teatime!

I love how tea has become a tradition in our home. I use to sit and have tea with Andie in the afternoon when she returned home from school, and now Gracie is becoming a tea enthusiast as well. I’m glad to see that Andie is passing the tradition down to Madeline. Maddie likes her Assam with lots of milk and sugar and a piece of well buttered cinnamon toast.

I never imagined that walking into a little tea room in White Bear Lake all those years ago would be the beginning of something so huge and significant in my life. To me, tea isn’t just some cutesy thing I do every afternoon. To me, tea is a way to connect with my daughters, my granddaughter, my husband and other people who are special to me. It’s an important, relaxing ritual. It’s my love language. When you walk through my front door and I offer you a cup of tea I’m not just offering you a beverage, I’m offering my friendship. 😉

I’m writing a new book all about tea. All of my experiences, memories of working in tearooms and favorite tea recipes will be recorded on paper, and eventually, published. I can’t wait to share this piece of myself with all of you. It took years of working with amazingly talented, knowledgeable people to get to this point, and writing this book just feels like the natural next step for me. I’m off to go write the next chapter…



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