teacup lunch

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~teacup lunch~

I came across this sweet idea for serving lunch in a stack of teacups while paging through one of my favorite magazines awhile back. I decided immediately that at some point I was going to enjoy a teatime lunch this way. Today was that day!  It was really simple and I love the results. Elegant, casual and whimsical. The next time you host a tea party for your friends, maybe you could try this. Today I just posted the pictures, but I will post the recipes soon. Enjoy!

~ tea menu ~

in the bottom cup:

butternut squash & apple bisque

topped with a dollop of sour cream & chives

and a side of green apples

in the top cup:

mini savory bacon, onion & currant scones

topped with sesame seeds and black pepper

for dessert:

cookies or bars served on a

teacup compote


this yummy, chocolate mocha

teacup cake!

Happy Teatime Tuesday!



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