Repurposing Ideas

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Here are some more repurposing ideas for you! Enjoy!

~Leftover Wine as Cooking Wine~

Simply decant leftover wine into pretty liquor decanters

and use it in all your favorite

recipes that call for wine!

~Single Earrings as Pushpins~

Do you have a bunch of “orphaned” single earrings in your jewelry box?

Or outdated earrings you don’t want to wear?

Use them as pushpins!

~ Handkerchiefs & Lavender Blossoms as Drawer Sachets~

These will keep your drawers and linen cupboards smelling fresh…

Add some cedar chips and cloves to keep moths away from your favorite wool items.

To make:

select a vintage hankie or two…

fill them with lavender blossoms…

gather the corners of the hankie together and tie with a pretty ribbon…

photographs by Melissa Placzek




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