cafe tables and afternoon tea

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Hello, Friends!

What have you all been up to? Have you been enjoying the last bits of summer and the beginning of Fall?

Jeff went on a business trip for four days so I was on my own in our big, old house. I decided to make it a creative, productive four days and did a lot of writing, cooking, photographing, and editing. I also did a lot of reading, and rewatched the entire Twilight series. I will never get sick of it. Don’t judge.

Other than that it’s been pretty much the same around here. Working on posts most of the week, and enjoying the outdoors on the weekends. We’ve become particularly fond of outdoor cafes, and restaurant patios. I’m glad we have so many great ones in Minnesota, and right over the bridge in Wisconsin.

I included some pics from a little afternoon tea for two yesterday. My daughter Grace joined me. We had tea sandwiches, tomato basil soup, chocolate chip scones with butter and jam, vegan “chicken” fingers with BBQ sauce, potato pierogies, mini apple pies, and Soderblandning tea. We listened to Billie Holiday and talked up a storm. What a great way to enjoy the day.

I hope you are all well.



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