pop tart ice cream sandwiches

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Looking for an easy, instant gratification dessert? I thought of this while perusing the aisles of  the Kwik Trip across the street from our house. Just three ingredients to make these cuties!

We made our ice cream sandwiches with strawberry Pop Tarts and French vanilla ice cream, but I think some other amazing combinations would be: blueberry Pop Tarts with lemon ice cream, cinnamon roll Pop Tarts with pumpkin ice cream, confetti cupcake Pop Tarts with birthday cake ice cream, chocolate strawberry Pop Tarts with strawberry ice cream, and maybe chocolate fudge Pop Tarts with peppermint bon bon ice cream. The possibilities are endless! Have fun creating your own unique flavor combinations!

for 1 Pop Tart ice cream sammy:

2 Pop Tarts, toasted or untoasted (use your favorite flavor)

a big scoop of ice cream (use your favorite flavor)


Toast your Pop Tarts if you wish (this makes a messy ice cream sandwich, but OH SO yummy!) Place a scoop of ice cream on one and sandwich it with the other. Roll edges in sprinkles so they stick to the ice cream. Serve immediately.



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