peachy herb compote ice cream topping

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Here’s another yummy way to use up some of those garden herbs… so fresh and summery… and added to ice cream? Perfect!

3 ripe, juicy peaches, pitted, unpeeled and cut into big cubes

1 cup simple syrup (plain or herbal)

1 packed cup fresh basil leaves, washed, stems removed

1/4 packed cup fresh mint leaves, washed, stems removed

good quality, premium vanilla ice cream (we love Sonny’s or Ben & Jerry’s)

Place peach pieces in a mixing bowl and set aside. Place simple syrup and fresh herbs in a blender. Pulse until smooth. Pour the herb syrup over the peaches and gently mix to evenly combine. Scoop vanilla ice cream into teacups, bowls or tulip cups. Top with the peachy herb compote.



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