confession + easy ramen lunch when you’re too busy to cook

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So you know how I usually have something awesome to post? and how I almost always have something interesting/witty to say? (come on…go along with me here.) Welll….some days I eat Jif peanut butter and Welch’s grape jelly sandwiches on white gas station bread with generic ripple potato chips. Yup. It’s true. Other days (while I’m BLOGGING) I eat leftover pizza from the night before. And then there are days when I’m so busy writing I almost forget to eat… (almost because, c’mon, I’m busy not dying) …On those days I stop mid sentence and go boil water  for ramen. You read that correctly. RAMEN. Not the fancy co-op ramen that costs $3 a bag…no, the other stuff…yeah the stuff you can get a dozen bags for like $1 or something crazy like that. The stuff with MSG in it. Living on the EDGE I tell ya 😉

Well, today I was BUSY busy busy….writing away…and this little packet of Ramen was calling my name. I found the SPICY kind at WAL-MART (because sometimes I shop there! please, don’t stop talking to me,) and I got a couple. The first one was devoured the same evening at around 11PM while I watched True Blood. Not. gonna. lie.

Today I made this….

While the water boils for the noodles….

chop up a leftover grilled chicken breast and leftover grilled veggies. Nuke until hot

pour a Tablespoon or two olive oil into the bottom of a pasta bowl

drain most of the water from the cooked noodles

toss noodles with the oil in the bowl

add ALL of the spice packet(s), toss some more

put the chicken and veggies on top

douse with soy sauce and Sriracha (or other) hot sauce

if you feel fancy…grate a little lemon zest over the top with your mandolin… 🙂

and if you’re in the middle of a big book or magazine project you are allowed a couple glasses of wine to go along with this no matter what time of the day it is.


now you have the strength to go back to writing.

you’re welcome.



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