a six senses post ~ rembrandt and dinner al fresco on the black forest inn patio

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feeling ~ a warm cup of mango tea with milk from D’Amico for our teatime

seeing ~ ivy covered buildings, trees beginning to change… art of all kinds, amazing architecture  and the awe inspiring works of Rembrandt at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. What a prolific artist! There is something very humbling about standing in the presence of such a vast, impressive collection of work. Sort of had an out of body experience. So happy we were able to view it.

hearing ~ the car radio for our little road trip to and from Minneapolis, and the outdoor fountain trickling a soothing song as we sat on the patio at the Black Forest Inn German Restaurant only a couple blocks away from the museum.

smelling ~ fresh air and German fare

tasting ~ Polish kielbasa, homemade bratwurst, chicken curry sausage, German potato salad, spicy homemade grainy mustard, buttered rye bread and whole grain rolls, German beer, and Black Forest chocolate cherry torte with tons of fresh whipped cream! YUMMY!

knowing ~ that days like these are exactly what I need to rejuvenate. Although I have a deadline looming and I could have stayed home and edited photos all day, my time is sometimes better spent just taking a day off. Now I have the strength and inspiration I need to continue my work.

How did you spend this beautiful Saturday?


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