six senses saturday ~ the harbor view cafe

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Italian bread

salad with homemade dressings : creamy french and blue cheese vinaigrette

linguini papalina ~ proscuitto, mushrooms, garlic, cream and parmesan

mixed grill ~ pork sausage, lamb, beef, kidney, chicken and liver with chutney

coq au vin ~ red wine braised chicken

wine tasting notes :

Nimbus Sauvignon Blanc ~ mineral, fresh herbs, citrus and hay

Sycamore Lane Pinot Grigio ~ Sweet aromas of pears, melon, and tropical fruits are accented with pleasant floral notes

…both were lovely wines

feeling :: warm sunshine

hearing :: trains rushing by the lovely Harbor View Cafe in Pepin Wisconsin (I did a review a few years ago, which you can read HERE if you like.)…clinking glass, laughter and happy conversation

seeing :: sailboats on the lake…beautiful flowers…and THIS MOVIE… which was AMAZING. Totally worth the hype.

smelling :: fresh air and freshly cut grass

tasting :: linguini papalina…. Italian bread, good wine and a beautiful salad (pictured above… mmmmmm!)

knowing :: that this is just the beginning or a beautiful weekend.


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