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“A book of verses underneath the bough, a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou…” ~Edward Fitzgerald

It’s my birthday week and the first celebration was a little picnic under our oak tree. We made a Muffuletta sandwich, sipped wine and rosewater lemonade, and had creamsicle Oreos and dark Dove chocolates for dessert.

I love the old fashioned picnic scenes in Victoria Magazine…complete with lace and pillows, antique picnic hampers, romantic china, silver and crystal. I would have dressed in full Victorian costume and unearthed the croquet set from our spidery basement, but alas, it was 90 degrees and we live on a pretty extreme hill, so we kept it simple.

The poppies bloomed just in time for the celebration. Such a pretty, dreamy flower with petals like crepe paper. The oak tree provided a thick covering of cool shade, and dreamy dappled sunlight.

Where is your favorite place to picnic?



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