cinnamon raisin bagels

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I’ve been having so much fun using the recipes from “Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.” To make the bagels shown in this post, you’ll need to read the basics outlined in the book and make the master batch of dough…and then follow the instructions for making the Cinnamon Raisin Bagels on pages 74-76.

First you flatten the dough

and sprinkle on a little cinnamon & sugar & raisins

then you roll it up “jelly-roll” style

and form it into a ball…

then you cut it into pieces (8-10)

and form them into bagels…

set them on a plate

cover with plastic wrap…

and allow them to raise for 25 minutes.

add sugar and baking soda to a pot of boiling water

and drop the bagels in two at a time

boil for 2 minutes


boil an additional minute

remove to a clean, flour sack towel that’s been dusted with flour

and bake on a pizza stone for 25 minutes…

Remove from oven.

Cool on wire racks.

Enjoy with butter, your favorite cream cheese, and jam.

These were fantastic!


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