Book Reviews ~ Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day & Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day

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I discovered these books while perusing the shelves of a local book store. I’ve been an enthusiastic bread baker for a few years and thought the idea of making a huge batch of bread that you keep in your refrigerator so you can have fresh bread “on demand” seemed too good to be true. And you don’t have to knead it? What?

The basic idea behind these books is to be able to have wonderful, bakery quality bread in your own home and on demand. You whip up a “master batch” of dough that has enough water in it so the molecules in the bread can do their thing and you don’t have to knead the bread. This master batch stays in your refrigerator, covered loosely, for up to two weeks. When you want a fresh loaf, you just cut a piece of the dough from the master batch, form the loaf, let it rise on the counter and bake. Easy peasy. I can tell you, I was skeptical.

Well, turns out, these books are everything they claim to be. Sort of little bread miracle guide books. I made my first master batch from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day this past week…

and my first free form loaf yesterday…

and it not only worked, it yielded delicious results!

Today I’m making cinnamon raisin bagels!

The recipes for the master batches are available at the authors’ website…

Whole Grain

Artisan White




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