Six Senses Saturday

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Back by popular demand! hee hee…Six Senses Saturday…


The Darjeeling Limited watch the trailer HERE

Have you ever seen this movie? It’s one of my favorite “visually stunning” flicks. I like the really pretty, armchair travel, colorful movies this time of year when the sun refuses to show her face and when the landscape is void of almost all color. Other movies that fit into this category, in my opinion, are as follows: Amelie, Moulin Rouge, Big Fish, The House of the Seven Daggers, Memoirs of a Geisha, Avatar, Monsoon Wedding, Speed Racer, The Fall, Mama Mia, What Dreams May Come, and The Fountain. Do you have a favorite movie you would consider “visually stunning” that you would add to this list? Please share. I’m always looking for new titles!


This gorgeous music by Neon Trees from their cd “Habits” LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

ps…thanks for your patience. In the future this is how I’ll be posting “What I’m Listening To” on weeks when I do Six Senses Saturday.


Sins of My Youth



a warm cup of Harmutty Assam in my hands


Grand Marnier Chocolates


Miss Dior Cherie

I love this Ad…


That one day spring will return to Minnesota, and that my life preserver in the winter is filling my eyes with color!

Colorful movies

Happy Music

Beautiful Art

Piles of yarn in every imaginable hue…


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  2 comments for “Six Senses Saturday

  1. Kimber Dunn
    February 6, 2011 at 5:26 pm

    I love bright colors – all year round! But you’re right, especially during the dreary days of winter. For movies, I love anything involving beaches & water – so my favorites are any of the Jaws, Into The Blue, Blue Crush, Couples Retreat, Fool’s Gold. I’m already sick of the cold, but the plus side is enjoying the burning of candles!! (if I had a fireplace, that would be the best ever) Another winter senses plus is scarves. I love to wear soft, fuzzy ones for fashion & fun.

  2. admin
    February 6, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Thanks for sharing that! Beachy movies are awesome this time of year…I love “Something’s Gotta Give.” Yes! Candles! Scarves…and soup! 😉

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