Guest Artist~ Dana Stenholtz

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I would like to welcome my friend, Dana Stenholtz, as a guest artist on ChinDeep. She is a fantastic writer and talented poet. Enjoy~


Who am I to question why
when all the world closes its eyes and
blindly stumbles over each other
while laughing about it?
I mean, if so few even care to question
their own personal load that is lying
heavily on their backs,
why should it matter to me?
So many souls toil like Sisyphus,
day in and day out,
unmotivated to just
drop the damn rock and run for the seashore.
I want moonlit walks on beaches
as much as the next person,
but such a moment of tranquility
rarely arrives without strings attached.
When a moment like that does manage to appear,
I cling to it like a lifeline.
I often feel like a climber sans spotter,
yet I keep stepping higher and higher.
If I fall, the injury will prove fatal,
but reaching the mountaintop is
worth the risk.

At least I hope it is.

The freezing air fills my lungs,
and I gasp and take one more step…
then one more.
Just one more step.
Gravel trickles down after my feet
launch from their place,
echoing as they hit the ground far below.
Each pebble, a small burden let go.
Each pebble piling up in the canyon,
impacting and forming a boulder
even brave Sisyphus could not lift.
One stone at a time,
and I’ll reach the summit.
Once there, I’ll find the moon to
dance with my shadow before
slipping quietly into the sunrise.

~Dana Stenholtz

Thank you so much for sharing this with us Dana!


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