inspiration ~ by dana stenholtz

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When I see an old soul

soaking up life

like a sponge full of

dirty dishwater—

still managing to breathe—

I am in love with humanity

all over again.

Life can feel like

a betrayal some days,

like a kindred spirit lover

who took a wrong turn somewhere.

I want to thrash about

on the rocky shores and

abhor this infidelity,

but God help me,

I still love Life

more than I hate it.

When I watch the sun

melt into the horizon—

crayons in a fire pit—

I cannot help but be

full to bursting,

not with dirty dishwater,

but with the flow

of a thousand mountain springs.

The beauty of this

chaotic, messy world is that

it holds so much promise.

I want every soul that breathes

to know it can show off

its joy with the

most brilliant of sunsets.

To give to Life

a bit of knowledge,

a taste of peace,

a deeper understanding of

Who What Where Why…

that is what I am all about.

If all the grime on my spirit

is for nothing,

what good is it?

I believe in Purpose.

I believe in the Love that

powered this world

into existence.

I do what I do, and

I say what I say,

because I have no choice.

I am soaking up Life,

and I want

everyone to know it.

~Dana B Stenholtz (c) 2011

Thanks Dana!

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