Visiting Red Wing-The New Saturday Morning Farmer’s Market at the Train Depot

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“Vendors are selling their wares in the early morning mist. Among these simple delicacies…fruits and vegetables, wild honey, ruby red preserves, ropes of garlic, fragrant basil & rosemary, buttery baguettes, and a myriad of flowers. We select some tomatoes and corn for tonight’s dinner…and some gladiolus.” ~Me

After another marvelous breakfast at the St. James Veranda Restaurant (Sturdiwheat Pancakes with fresh blueberries, bacon and eggs!) We strolled down to the train depot to check out the new Red Wing Farmers Market. I wish we would have had our camera! Oh well, maybe next time. I have to say, I love the new location! The market tents in a pretty row with a view of the river and Levee Park. A folk band provided festive music as we perused the wares from 20+ local growers and producers. There was an enticing array of fresh, colorful fruits, vegetables, flowers, and garden plants, huge jars of morel mushrooms, organic beef and bison, mouthwatering baked goods, kettle corn, jam, honey, fragrant, handmade soaps, lotions, whimsical art and crafts. Click here to view the photo gallery! I’m sure we’ll be visiting the farmer’s market many more times before the season is over. We’re so fortunate to have this incredible resource in our city.

Now that the farmer’s market is at the depot, this might be a good time to catch a trolley tour of Red Wing when you’re done with your shopping! You can hop right on the trolley at the depot!

Hope to see you soon!


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