Grape Harvest

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“Wine is bottled poetry.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Today we spent most of the day harvesting grapes with our friends the Falconers. They own and operate a beautiful winery and vineyard here in Red Wing. It’s located in an ideal spot for producing grapes that yield some of the yummiest and  most unique wines we’ve ever tasted. There wasn’t a lot of time to take pictures today, although I did get a few. We’re planning on getting a group of friends together and visiting again very soon. We’re so looking forward to sitting on their new amphitheater style deck and listening to live music while sipping something red and wonderful and sampling pizza from their outdoor pizza oven. Stay tuned for further updates 😉

grape bins

Gracie helping with the harvest

Prairie Star grapes

Prairie Star grapes on the vine


Potter John’s Special Vintage white (containing Prairie Star grapes…)

and Marquette red

How did you spend this beautiful September day?


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