season of mists

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an early morning sipping scottish breakfast with vanilla almond milk while taking photos on a very misty sorin’s bluff… anniversary flowers and sweet cards from the hubby celebrating our 19th… a few awesome, live music performances including front row seats to this gorgeous, stellar, mind-blowing concert … bbq sandwiches and gyros for lunch at the annual red wing fall festival of the arts… kitty cats, oak trees and craft paper-colored leaves up to our knees in the back yard… daily hikes on sorin’s bluff through our favorite enchanted forest… leaf peeping in bluff country, it truly doesn’t get any better than this…sunsets over the mississippi river in levee park while trains rush by the station, bells sounding their arrival and echoing their departure… wine, fruit and a poetry reading from a favorite hand-lettered, watercolor-illustrated book while relaxing on a much loved quilt in our leaf-laden yard….

have i mentioned that this is my favorite time of year?



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