What Inspires?-Old Books

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“Books let us into their souls and lay open to us the secrets of our own.”  ~William Hazlitt

I got up before the birds today and decided to do some writing before I have to get Gracie her breakfast and walk her down to the bus stop. Sometimes it’s hard to get up before everyone else, but the wee small hours of the morning seem to be when I do my best work. I’m playing a little game with myself. If I finish the chapter I’m working on by noon, I’m going to treat myself to a little trip to the used book store. I love old books more than almost any other treat. Even chocolate 🙂

Part of what I love is the hunt. We wandered into a used bookstore over the weekend while visiting Stockholm. Books were piled high on every available surface and bookshelves lined the walls from floor to ceiling…books as far as the eye could see….bliss….the store smelled of woodsmoke from it’s only heat source, an old wood burning stove in the corner of the shop. We had a nice conversation about eagles with the gentleman who owns the shop.

Here are a few of my treasures…




My Gladys Taber Collection is growing!

I’ve been collecting her books for 15 years!





Let’s see what I find today…


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