Restaurant Review-Smoky Row Cafe

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“If thou tastest a crust of bread, thou tastest all the stars and all the heavens.”
Robert Browning

It was just too beautiful to stay inside yesterday. I had planned on getting so much done! All of these lofty ideas of finishing the chapter I’m working on and going through my kitchen cupboards…maybe even cleaning the refigerator! Nope. None of it happened. I was secretly willing my friend Nancy to call me so I would have an excuse to play hooky…and she did! Yes, we use to force to communicate 😉

We did a little window shopping downtown Red Wing, went to the library, enjoyed some beautiful art at the Red Wing Arts Association gallery located in the depot building downtown, and then had lunch at one of our favorite hangouts, The Smoky Row Cafe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to this little cafe, but I will say that every time I go I get great service and I absolutely LOVE the food. I am always impressed by the quality, and unique fare. The cafe itself isn’t fancy, but it is light and airy and there are always fun paintings on the walls. The perfect place to have a casual breakfast or lunch.


Some of my favorite lunch items at Smoky Row include their turkey chipotle panini, Rachel sandwich, roast beef sandwich, and their quiche. My favorite bakery items are the cardamom rolls, Icelandic almond rolls, and their brownies are amazing.

A couple years ago Jeff and I hosted Christmas Eve in our home and decided to make three different kinds of soup (which turned out to be a hit!) We bought many loaves of bread form Smoky Row and they were the perfect accompaniment to our dinner. Our favorites: cottage cheese onion dill, spinach parmesan, and whole wheat carrot.

They also serve great coffee and tea which I believe is a must for any cafe.


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