Ninja Haiku #5

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This is a new, groundbreaking addition to traditional Haiku art. Todd the Ninja invented this multifaceted haiku experience. You saw it here first.  🙂

( a visual/acoustic haiku )
Hi YAAAW! Pow ( punches dummy) Thud ( jump spinning kick to dummy ) CRACK ( break 2X4 with forehead)

(loud deep breath [inhale and exhale so 2 syllables] ) ( Ki scream in 3 syllables ) ( 2 syllables growl )

WWWWHHAAAA DAAAA! ( Mimics Bruce Lee chant ) (covers one nostril with thumb and snorts)(shakes head back and forth – yeah I know no sound but it looks totally bad ass ) SNAP ( throws such a fast punch in mid air breaking the sound barrier ) soft smack ( bows lightly slapping both hands to side of thighs while bending forward ) ( flashes a peace sign and walks away )

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