apple jack crostini


Yay! Friday’s here again. My favorite day of the week because I love the anticipation of the weekend, and we always do something a little special for Friday night appetizers on the deck. In the autumn it’s especially fun when we head out back, bundled in sweaters, vino in hand, and sit next to a…

creamy dreamy angel chicken {crock pot recipe}


When trying to come up with an appropriate name for this gorgeous, creamy, chicken pasta all I could think of was “creamy and dreamy.” The “angel” part comes from serving it over Angel Hair pasta… So, there you have it! This is an awesome, easy dinner dish and definitely fancy enough to serve to company!…

california salmon sprout sandwich


It seems like whenever I see a sandwich with California in the title, it has a heap of sprouts on it… so I thought I’d follow suit. This is one of my favorite, healthy “go to” lunches when I’m in a hurry and craving protein. I love this served with baby carrots and grape tomatoes…

grilled chicken chimichangas


So, I know that the title of these chimis is “grilled chicken” chimichangas… but, you don’t have to grill the chicken if you don’t want to, or don’t have the time. Grilling the meat really does add a yummy depth to the flavor of these, but do what ya gotta do. You can use rotisserie…

a scenes post ~ tea on sorin’s bluff


  Jeff and I spent the morning on Sorin’s Bluff here in Red Wing. Sipping tea, taking photos, flying the drone and walking in the cloudy mist that shrouded the prairie land up there. It was a gorgeous, dewy autumn dream. ~M