zucchini spaghetti


Jeff surprised me with a Veggetti! What’s a Veggetti, you may ask? It’s this nifty tool for turning summer squash and zucchini (and other veggies) into noodles! You can make thick or thin noodles and they truly turn out awesome. There are other vegetable noodle makers out there, but what I really like about the…

hurry up dinner


Oh my goodness… We got more snow! I know it won’t be as exciting once February rolls around, but right now it’s pretty cool. I’m having fun creating comfort food dishes in my kitchen. I’ve made a bunch of new stuff, which has turned out amazing, but sometimes I just like to make tried and…

scenes from the past couple weeks


Fairy princesses and baby cows on Halloween… backyard bonfires by the light of an October moon… Red Wing Brewery beer growlers filled with Pepie’s Porter… lattes at the Red Wing Confectionery and Coffee Shoppe with a friend… brunch at the always amazing Hell’s Kitchen in Minneapolis (salads, Peanut Butter & Bacon Burger, Venison Burger, Huevos…

easy chicken chow mein


Last night while we were sleeping all snug in our beds, it snowed! Not a lot of snow, but a light dusting. All of the rooftops were sprinkled with the white stuff and our neighborhood, situated at the foot of a bluff, looked like a fairy tale. Smoke is puffing out of several chimneys and…

5 minute paleo mug bread


Here’s a piece of good news for my Paleo friends! Bread you can make in 5 minutes! Yes, 5 minutes! You read that correctly! Are you excited? This is so easy and delicious. Gracie spreads homemade almond butter on slices of this for her school lunches. It’s also wonderful warmed a little and served with…