creamy herb bites


I love the little nibbles and noshes being offered at cocktail parties, tea gatherings and dinner parties this time of year. It’s always inspiring to sample and recreate these delicacies in my own kitchen. This is a savory that I sampled while on location doing a photo shoot for a national magazine a few years…

scenes from the past couple weeks


cozy tea parties with people I love… fresh cucumber sandwiches… spoonfuls of sugar… alphabet soup and other nostalgic “nursery” foods… flannel jammies and relaxing evenings spent fireside reading novels and european travel books (planning for our 20th anniversary vacation!)… a holiday stroll downtown red wing complete with old fashioned christmas lights and a 10 foot…

lyonnaise potatoes with parsley & cream


Potatoes are one of my passions. I love them almost every way. I’ve dedicated another blog post to a collection of mouthwatering potato recipes, and even that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the myriad of ways there are to prepare the humble spud. This is a fantastic dish to…

coconut chicken curry {crock pot recipe}


Hi there, Friends! How was your Thanksgiving? We had it pretty easy. We decided to make reservations at the historic St. James Hotel here in Red Wing. They always throw an awesome party “on the Summit” and prepare a spectacular spread. My mom, brothers and sister joined us for the occasion and I can’t remember…

shepherd’s pie {crock pot recipe}


Today I went to my grandgirl’s school for Grandparent’s day. Maddie May’s Kindergarten class sang a couple adorable songs to all of us grandparents in the elementary school gymnasium (one of them brought tears to my eyes!), and then we all went to the classroom to read books, play games and color. What a fun…