grilled cheese sandwich taco

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What? A grilled cheese sandwich TACO? Yup! And, it’s incredible! The best of both worlds, mashed together in a stunning taco configuration. Just when you thought I was done posting taco recipes for awhile, BAM! 😉

The only trick is to cut very soft, French bread on the diagonal so you get two long, pieces of bread. Cut them as thin as possible, and sort of moosh them down before placing your favorite melting cheese (we used cheddar) in between the slices, and the butter on the outside. Grill as you would any grilled cheese sandwich, until the cheese is all ooey gooey and melty, and the bread is a nice golden brown. Fold sandwich in half and fill with your favorite taco stuff! We used: ground beef taco meat, torn lettuce, crumbled chevre, sliced grape tomatoes, and a squirt of sriracha hot sauce.

Totally YUM! You’re welcome.



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