not your father’s root beer float {cocktail}

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We recently discovered this amazing, “boozy” root beer called Not Your Father’s Root Beer. It is SO good! I immediately knew I had to get some and make giant root beer floats with it. I must say, that was a good call. Cheers, Lovelies! I think you’re going to love this summer cocktail!

for one big root beer float:

1 bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer

3 big scoops of vanilla ice cream (homemade is best! We also like Breyer’s Vanilla Bean)

2 cute straws

a long sundae spoon

a big dimple mug

Scoop ice cream into mug. Pour the root beer over the ice cream (You won’t be able to get all of the root beer in the mug so just serve the rest alongside the float.) Place two paper straws and a sundae spoon in the mug. Serve.



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