BLT bites

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These are SO easy and delicious! Gluten free, low in carbs and they taste just like a BLT without the bread.

cherry tomatoes

bacon, fried until crispy and broken into 1-inch pieces

mayonnaise mixed with garlic that has been sauteed in olive oil

little pieces of arugula or baby lettuce

freshly ground black pepper

Wash cherry tomatoes. Carefully remove stems and insides of tomatoes. Place upside-down on a paper towel for 10 to 15 minutes so they can drain. Fill each with a dab of the garlic mayo, a piece of the bacon and a little piece of lettuce. You may have to cut a little off the bottom of each tomato to make them sit up on a serving platter so they don’t start rolling around. Sprinkle a little freshly ground pepper on each.



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