scenes from the past week

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I’m back! Wow! what a fun weekend we had with the girls. Now I’m cleaning the house after the flurry of activity. On Saturday morning my brother Phillip dropped my darling daughter Andie off at our place for the weekend. He was spending the weekend with my other brother, Terry, who only lives a couple blocks away from me. I got up early so I could pack up a big “care package” for my brothers to enjoy over the weekend. I love to cook, and they love to eat, so it’s a great trade off. I made my split pea soup with ham (recipe coming soon!), spiced maple-oatmeal muffins, and another little Italian quiche. So much fun! They are happy to taste test my creations, which is actually very helpful. I need all of the feedback I can get so I can tweak my recipes for zeee TEA book 😉 So exciting! Thier review was that everything was awesome! Now I’m figuring out a new menu for next time. My own personal little catering gig. Hee hee.

We took a road trip to Cannon Falls later on Saturday and were briefly disappointed to find out that one of our very favorite lunch spots had closed it’s doors. The Old Market Deli is no more! Boo hoo! We did find a yummy pizza shop called Dudley’s that makes a mean pie, so our loss soon turned into an enjoyable adventure. We had a large pepperoni with mushrooms, and next time I want to try the Bomber or the Rocket! (See the FULL MENU HERE.) We’re looking forward to another visit! After pizza, we headed over to the Cannon River Winery to enjoy a couple glasses of vino, listen to some live Jazz, and sample some of the new wines they’re making. They were hosting a “tank tasting” so we got to talk about the different varieties and levels of wine maturation. Everything we sampled was SO good, per usual. We bought a special bottle of Sogn Blanc for Andie to celebrate her new job and the beginning of college for her in April. SO proud of her! So proud of both of our beautiful girls. I feel blessed every day to know such wonderful people. They grow and change so fast, and I’m enjoying every single second.

Sunday was lazy…with a trip to Caribou Coffee for Chai Lattes, and a candlelit spaghetti dinner made by the cute hubby.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have a beautiful week.



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