baby cakes

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~ baby cakes ~

Yesterday I had the house to myself and decided to make a special breakfast to go with my tea before I started working. I made some of Jean-George’s proper scrambled eggs topped with tiny grape tomatoes, and little mashed potato pancakes with the baby bliss potatoes I had roasted the evening prior. I just put them in the bowl of my Kitchen aid, added a little butter and homemade buttermilk ranch dressing, and whipped them until they were a good molding consistency. I shaped them into patties a little smaller than the palm  of my hand, dipped them in flour and fried them up in a combination of butter and bacon grease… (you could use olive oil if you prefer.) I plated them alongside the eggs and drizzled them with a little bit more ranch dressing.  MMMM!

They turned out absolutely wonderful!



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