berry trifle with mirabelle cream

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~berry trifle with mirabelle cream~

Here’s a perfect recipe for warm summer days. No baking is involved so your kitchen (and you) can stay cool as a cucumber and you can still serve a delicious elegant dessert.

What really makes this trifle recipe special is the addition of Mirabelle, a superlative Alsatian eau de vie, made from little yellow plums.

To assemble trifle:

1) Mix fresh strawberries, blackberries or raspberries (or a combination of the three) with a little orange juice and sugar.

2) Cut sponge cake or pound cake into 1 inch cubes or slice thinly.

3) Make your favorite vanilla pudding recipe, or buy premade vanilla pudding. (optional)

4) Whisk real, heavy whipping cream with a few tablespoons of Mirabelle eau de vie until stiff peaks form.

5) Layer your ingredients in a large trifle bowl, miniature trifle bowls or wine glasses (as pictured above.) You can add a little drizzle of the Mirabelle to the sponge cake too if you wish. Chill trifle(s) until ready to serve. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.



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