elderflower water

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Tea party! My two favorite words I think. I made tea and treats for Jeff, Gracie, Andie and Madeline May today. There is something so beautiful and romantic about getting up early on a Sunday morning in winter, sipping tea and making cucumber sandwiches for a tea party. If someone were to ask me what it is that I miss the most about working in a tearoom, my first choice would be hanging out with all of the AMAZING women that I had the good fortune to work with, and that I now consider some of my greatest mentors and truest soulmates… (Hello Kathleen, Marilee, Sarah, Ruth, Bonnie, Nancy and Judy!)…and my second choice would be making tea sandwiches at dawn. I don’t exactly have the perfect words for it, but you must try it some time to get what I’m talking about.

Yesterday we went to Maplewood, (our old stomping ground…right on the border of White Bear Lake MN), and visited my handsome father in law. What a cool guy. He’s so darn funny. He makes me want to search for Ole and Lena jokes and silly limericks before we visit, but we usually end up laughing our heads off about something completely outrageous every time we visit anyway, even without me planning for it. Like a couple Thanksgivings ago, we brought the entire meal to his place…including the cranberry sauce that comes in a can, and we FORGOT to bring a can opener! So, Jeff and his dad decided to try a screwdriver. Hilariousness ensued. We have pictures of the mutilated can with a box of band-aids in the background. Okay, maybe you had to be there. 🙂

After we hung with the Pa for awhile and enjoyed a lunch of Turkey Toms from Jimmy John’s Subs, Jeff Grace and I drove over to IKEA to do a little shopping. Can I tell you how much I love this place? I want to live there! Remember the scene in 500 Days of Summer where they pretend to live at Ikea? Well, I could actually live at Ikea. 🙂 I bought sooooo many fun food items and kitchen stuff and things to photograph… Can’t wait to go back.

One of my favorite purchases was this eldreflower concentrate that is simply added to still or sparkling water. I also really like this sweet bottle with the top that seals. We enjoyed some with our tea, and it’s the perfect non alcoholic refreshment.

What is your favorite IKEA purchase?



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