autumn unconfined

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“Thy bounty shines in autumn unconfined, and spreads a common feast for all that live.” ~James Thomson

This morning my friend Jen and I met for an early breakfast at Caribou and a nature walk photo shoot. We’d been wanting to photograph autumn for a couple weeks, and today was a great day for it. There’s an amazing path through the woods that leads to the top of Sorin’s Bluff, only a block away from my house, and I swear it’s enchanted. The breeze whispering poetry as it plays with the leaves on the trees. The rich, sultry scents of woodsmoke, moss, damp earth. Leaves that make a delightful crunch underfoot, releasing the smell of Rooibos tea brewing. Shades of red, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, frosty purple and stained glass greens and blues. Colors and hues that could only be part of nature’s palette. Autumn unconfined. The season that flirts with the senses. My favorite time of year.


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