getting to know your friends

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Remember when the quiz called “getting to know your friends” was floating around on the internet a few years back? My friend Dana just posted her, I LOVE Quizzes entry on ChinDeep as a guest blogger a few days ago and it made me think about this little quiz that got it all started for me. The thing that I think is so cool about this and other online “surveys” is that they reacquainted me and my friends Chantelle and Sherida after years of not seeing them. And, like I’ve told Dana before, even though Jeff introduced us and she was his friend first…now she’s mine. Hee hee.  We all spent hours finding, reposting, and answering these questions. Some may say, “What a waste of time!” I beg to differ. Anything that brings me closer to my friends is a great investment of my time.

So, Dana the trendsetter has brought the friendship survey to a whole new level. Posting it on a blog. Genius. Kimber, one of my favorite blogging babes just posted hers at Chaos in Heels. Guess it’s my turn!



Color: every shade of red and tangerine orange

Type of music: I like something from almost all genres of music. If I had to pick one as an absolute favorite it would probably be considered “Indie/Folk.”

Band: Vampire Weekend

Singer:  (F) hard to pick just one…top 5 (right now) Lenka, Adele, Neko Case, Alison Mosshart and Ingrid Michaelson    (M) M. Ward, Ezra Koenig, Russel Marsden, Colin Meloy and Bon Iver

Romantic movie: Moulin Rouge, Amelie, and You’ve Got Mail

Scary movie: I Am Legend

Dramatic movie: Message in a Bottle

Funny movie: A Fish Called Wanda, Orange County and I Love You Man

Animated movie: Lilo and Stitch

All time favorite movie:  Amelie

TV Show (past or present): Grey’s Anatomy, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, Private Practice, Mildred Pierce

Cartoon: Spongebob

Talk show: Ferguson and Conan

Food: Italian, Thai, Greek

Dessert: flourless chocolate espresso torte with a good port, tiramisu with moscato, or a variety of fruits and cheeses with prosecco

Pizza topping: sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and oven roasted garlic

Fruit: strawberries, blueberries and peaches

Veggie: Cucumbers

Drink: dry cappuccino or a really good glass of wine

Cereal: cookie crisp

Store: Ampersand, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, Barnes and Noble, Anne Taylor, Eileen Fisher, Crabtree & Evelyn, and Williams Sonoma

Book: Yikes – this isn’t a fair question!! <<<I agree with Kimber! How to pick? Gone With the Wind, Time Traveler’s Wife, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo….and on and on and on…

Magazine: Victoria, Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Cooks Illustrated, Country Living (American and Brit versions) Wine Spectator, Mary Jane’s Farm

Wild animal: Tiger

Pet: Cats and Rats

Month: October

Day of week: Friday-the perfect combination of productive and relaxing 🙂

Time of day: morning…first cup of tea…writing while the house is silent

Season: Autumn

Holiday: Valentine’s Day

Flower:  lilacs, sunflowers

Letter: Q- it’s an O with a sassy little tail 😉

Number: 3142

Finger: um 🙂

Insect: butterflies

Country: America

State: Hawaii! (Maui in particular-Kapalua to be exact!)

City: Minneapolis

Shape: circle

Sport to play: I like sports where I am competing against myself…running, weight lifting, swimming, cycling…

Board game: Scrabble

What do you think? Copy and re-post your answers here!



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  25 comments for “getting to know your friends

  1. Dana
    September 5, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Awesome. 😀

    • Melissa
      September 5, 2011 at 11:47 am


  2. Kimber Dunn
    September 5, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    OMG I love your favorite letter!! Great answer!! So much fun!!

    • Melissa
      September 5, 2011 at 4:24 pm

      Thanks Kimber!

  3. September 5, 2011 at 9:28 pm

    always love learning more about my friends! I may post one of these on my blog and link it to you ladies/your post for the idea origination!

    • Melissa
      September 5, 2011 at 9:57 pm

      YAY! keep the trend going! love it! Can’t wait to hear your answers, Maria 🙂

  4. Rachel
    September 6, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    Fun! I love that some of the categories are more specific – romantic movie, scary movie, etc. – since it’s always so hard to pick just one.

    • Melissa
      September 6, 2011 at 2:53 pm

      This was a fun one to answer. Thanks for commenting, Rachel! 🙂

  5. chantelle
    September 9, 2011 at 2:01 pm

    Color: purple, black, silver

    Type of music: anything that isn’t rap, but especially country and classic rock (well, and the 80s, but that goes without saying)

    Band: This is tough for me because I love so many in different genres, but I always come back to Duran Duran, so I’ll have to go with Duran Duran. 🙂

    Singer: Very hard, once again. I really don’t have any favorites – I love so many. If I was forced to choose, I think my head would explode.

    Romantic movie: P.S. I Love You, Dan In Real Life, Some Kind of Wonderful

    Scary movie: Saw and the original Nightmare on Elm Street

    Dramatic movie: Rob Roy, Breakfast Club

    Funny movie: Pineapple Express, Due Date, Breakfast Club

    Animated movie: Despicable Me

    All time favorite movie: Breakfast Club

    TV Show (past or present): Grey’s Anatomy, Weeds, Sons of Anarchy, Deadwood, Lie To Me

    Cartoon: Family Guy (sorry – LOL)

    Talk show: Conan O’Brien without question — ooh, and The Doctors – I love the ER doc – Dr. Hottie!

    Food: Homemade Mexican (thanks hubby!), Italian, Chinese

    Dessert: French Silk Pie

    Pizza topping: Italian Sausage, Pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers and onions….Deluxe Combo Heggies, anyone?

    Fruit: raspberries and pears

    Veggie: green beans, broccoli (did I spell that right? – LOL)

    Drink: XL Mint Condition with extra whipped cream at Caribou, any coffee for that matter, pepsi, beer.

    Cereal: Fruity Pebbles

    Store: Walmart, Target, Urban Outfitters, Old Navy

    Book: The Stand by Stephen King, The Lord of The Rings trilogy, and The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe….and Chin Deep and Welcome Home. 🙂

    Magazine: Smithsonian, Men’s Journal and Esquire (for the fantabulous hotties often on the cover in in interviews)

    Wild animal: Tiger (me too! — Siberian, though. Has to be a Siberian) Oh, and black panthers. LOVE

    Pet: Dog – my latest doggie crush is on the mini dobermans

    Month: I don’t have one, but it would probably be a toss up between August (wedding anniversary) and December (Christmas)- based solely on weather, I’d still say either August or May

    Day of week: Saturday

    Time of day: Any time the kids are sleeping. LOL

    Season: I love all of them except for the middle of a cold winter. Toss up for me between autumn and spring – both are perfect sweatshirt and shorts weather – my favorite clothing combination.

    Holiday: Thanksgiving and Christmas

    Flower: lilacs

    Letter: R – no idea why, that’s just the first letter that popped into my head.

    Number: 12 – again first thing that popped into my head

    Finger: that’s obvious. pinky. LOL

    Insect: butterflies – anything else is uncivilized – heehee

    Country: America

    State: Colorado and Wisconsin

    City: any city in Colorado – LOL or Bayfield/LaPointe, WI

    Shape: Pentagon

    Sport to play: Indoor naked water sports. LOL I actually like playing football, bicycling, and walking

    Board game: Scrabble – always been my favorite, although I’m afraid the brain isn’t what it once was. May have to opt for Scrabble Jr.

  6. chantelle
    September 9, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    I just realized for favorite store I probably should have added 🙂

  7. Melissa
    September 9, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Thanks for answering all the questions! It’s been a long time since I did one of these surveys. SO darn fun 🙂

    • chantelle
      September 9, 2011 at 5:09 pm

      You’re welcome! I love those too! It has been quite awhile….I think we were up to about 3 or 4 a week at one point. 🙂

      • Melissa
        September 9, 2011 at 5:13 pm

        I think you’re right!

  8. Dana
    September 9, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    It’s been fun to see the answers to the latest. 🙂 I think we should put our awesome brains together and come up with a new one that asks completely different questions. Example: What terms of endearment make you want to barf? or Do you use baby talk when you are talking to your pet? or Do you list your friends in your cell phone/email/little black book of numbers by first or last name? Stuff like that. Just an idea… see what kind of weird things we can come up with. LOL

    • Melissa
      September 9, 2011 at 5:30 pm

      Let’s do it! We could even come up with the ultimate friendship questionnaire and publish it 🙂

    • chantelle
      September 12, 2011 at 10:42 am

      I’m thinking that would be nice…if I think of any, I’ll let you fabulous ladies know. 🙂 Although, if I get involved, we may have to have the theatrical version and the unrated versions. LOL

      • Melissa
        September 12, 2011 at 3:01 pm


  9. Dana
    September 10, 2011 at 5:17 am

    I’ll start brainstorming. I love brainstorming. Nothing’s off-limits during the storming part. LOL

    • Melissa
      September 10, 2011 at 8:46 am

      awesome! let us know what you come up with. I’ll do a little brainstorming too 🙂

  10. Kimber Dunn
    September 11, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    OMG Dana – I’m totally on board with this one!!! I’m bored with the ordinary questions!!! Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

    • Melissa
      September 11, 2011 at 11:51 pm

      Kimber- if you come up with some good questions to add to the list, please let us know! 🙂

  11. Kimber Dunn
    September 12, 2011 at 10:03 am

    OHHHH I will send you and Dana a list soon!! FUN FUN!!

    • Melissa
      September 12, 2011 at 3:01 pm

      Okay! I’ll work on my list this evening. xo

  12. Rachel
    September 12, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    I have one question I’d like to suggest … your favorite fairy tale and why you chose it …

    • Melissa
      September 12, 2011 at 5:54 pm

      We’ll add it! Thanks so much for the suggestion 🙂

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