scented geranium lemonade

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~scented geranium lemonade~

When I worked at the Tale of Two Sisters Tearoom I was introduced to a beautiful herb called Rose Geranium. Bonnie used this herb in her cakes and as a garnish for sandwich trays. SO pretty. Just recently I had a yen to recreate her chocolate rose geranium cake and ordered rose geranium from my favorite local greenhouse here in Red Wing. The evening before I placed my order a dear friend told me about other types of scented geranium. I was so surprised to find out that you can get this sweet herb in a bunch of different scents… would you believe… mint, chocolate mint, lemon, apple, cinnamon, ginger, orange, nutmeg, strawberry, gooseberry, coconut, almond, and peach? You can also get citronella, especially nice for keeping pests and mosquitoes away. I purchased 3 rose geraniums (attar of roses, candy dancer and atomic snowflake.) 2 orange scented geraniums called “orange fizz,” and two called “Torento” that smell like fresh-cut ginger! I am so excited to incorporate these lovely herbs into my kitchen and spa recipes this summer!

I thought it would be nice to use some of the ginger scented geranium leaves in our lemonade this evening. It was delicious! You could enhance the flavor of your lemonade by “muddling” some of your favorite scented geranium in a glass, pouring lemonade over,  straining out the crushed leaves and then pouring the scented lemonade over ice. It’s easy and elegant.



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