relaxing ritual ~ tea & cake in front of the fireplace

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It’s been busy around here! Between getting a little spring cleaning done every day (in an attempt to make the chore less daunting), writing outlines, queries and book proposals, doing multiple photo shoots for the tea book, continuing to write the novel, trying to nail down a date to book our vacation, planning a birthday party, and doing some type of workout every day (so I can go shopping for a swimsuit without crying)…I would say the plate has been a tiny bit full.

So today I decided to take a little break and give myself a half our to just breathe. I cut myself a slice of cake (in lieu of lunch), poured tea into one of my favorite tea cups, wrapped up in a quilt and paged through my new issues of Food & Wine, Victoria, and Wine Spectator Magazines… Ahhhhh, it’s amazing what a little time relaxing can do for the soul. I feel ready to get back to work now, and instead of feeling exhausted, I feel inspired and invigorated. Ready for the next thing.

What are your favorite relaxing rituals?


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