The Mysteries of Tea ~ Tea Tasting ~ Ginger Peach Scented Tea

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photograph by Melissa Placzek

:: Tea of the Week ::

Ginger Peach Tea

Did you know that all teas, white, green, oolong or black, can be scented with spices, herbs, flowers or fruits? The flavorings are added at the end of the blending process. The vehicles for imparting these flavors are: essential oils, dried fruit and fruit peel, spices, herbs, flower petals, or slow-release flavor pellets.

An example of a flavored tea is Earl Grey. It is definitely one of the most popular flavored teas. Earl Grey is made by scenting tea leaves with the essential oil, bergamot.

I’ve decided that once in awhile I’d like to feature a scented/flavored tea for our tea chats on Tuesdays, so I won’t go into all of the different types of scented tea varieties today. Instead, let’s focus on one at a time. When scented tea is flavored correctly, it can heighten the tea experience and bring out the flavor in the foods you choose to serve with your tea.

One of my favorites is Ginger Peach Ceylon by Mrs. Kelly. It’s a perfect blend of black Ceylon tea leaves, juicy peaches and has the slight spicy tingle of ginger. Delicious when paired with Vietanmese fare, (especially spring rolls,) and I like it with cinnamon toast! The scent is pure heaven!

Appearance: amber, orange color

:: Tea Fact ::

In the UK black tea is still the brew of choice, but the consumption of flavored teas and green teas is on the rise. It’s quite normal to enjoy tea in bed in the morning, some with breakfast, a cup or two at lunch and at “tea time” which is traditionally at 4:00 in the afternoon.

What’s in your teacup?


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