Six Senses Saturday

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This movie…

After watching the preview for the new

Focus Feature film “Somewhere,”

I have a yen to see another Sofia Coppola creation…

This beautiful movie is one of my absolute favorites!

watch the TRAILER HERE


This fresh Carrot Cheddar bread I just made!

(It’s a recipe for sandwich buns, but can just as easily be made into loaves!)


bread baking in the oven is the best form of


photographs by Melissa Placzek


Strawberry Shortcake Devonshire Split Scones


consonants & vowels

care to play?


This beautiful song

my friend Bobby sent to me last night

Thanks mister! I can’t stop listening.


I will always want to share my home with

pets that sleep like people

Miller aka Mr. Puffy Pants, Crock-Pot kitty, Mr. Bumbershoot

Gracie and Alice

Alice’s other names, depending on the circumstance…

Miss Crunchy Lunch

Naughty Kitten


Poo Poo Head

Do you have funny nicknames for your pets?


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