“Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show” by Guest Artist Maria Denise Davis

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If you enjoy visiting art studios, or have any interest whatsoever in quilts, quilting, embroidery, or anything sewing related, you may enjoy attending a quilt show. Like any other festival, quilt shows have a wide variety of vendors, selling large and small machines, quilts, kits, material, thread and accessories. There are also classes offered for the beginner to the experienced in a variety of topics.

I spent last weekend in Oklahoma City, OK at the Winter Quilt Show. There were a number of special exhibits, as well as the amazing show quilts for competition. Two exhibits caught my attention: “Quilts of a Different Color” by Irena Bluhm and “Quilting Makes the Quilt”.

Quilts of a Different Color exhibit displayed a collection by the artist of whole cloth designs, using a variety of techniques. Detailed quilting in various colors of thread brought a symmetrical pattern to life, and by using trapunto (extra batting to stuff certain areas, creating texture) and fabric paints, Irena makes an entirely new artwork comes to life. Her work is stunning.

As a quilter, I was drawn to Quilting Makes the Quilt, which is a traveling exhibit, curated by Road to California. Each quilter was given a pieced wall hanging, and quilted it in the way she wanted. Each quilt began the same, but came out from the project looking entirely different. It’s a truly amazing nod towards the beauty of quilting, and how it can truly define and distinguish a piece of art.  ~Maria Denise Davis

Thanks for sharing your experience with us Maria!


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