Relaxing Ritual~ Word Games

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” ‘You played this game with your parents?’ he asked skeptically.  ‘Yep. And Mom always won, the dirty bitch. I guess being older she’d been around more than me and Carrie,’ Sophie said, extracting replacement tiles from the box. ‘Although I don’t know what Dad’s excuse was. Lack of imagination, I guess. Your turn.’ ” ~Sarah Mayberry

I love words. I especially enjoy a newspaper crossword and a cup of coffee on a Sunday morning before everyone else is up. I’m a bit of a word junkie. Word finds, anagrams, jumbles…you name it, I can’t resist a good word game. As far as board games go, Scrabble and Boggle are at the top of my list. There is something relaxing and invigorating about playing these games. When was the last time you turned the television off, turned on your favorite music, and  challenged your hubby and kids to a game of Boggle?

What are your favorite relaxing rituals?


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