“The Affluent Artist”-Rick DiBiasio

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Hi Friends!

Today we’re trying something a little different at ChinDeep.com. I am honored to welcome a friend of mine and successful author, Rick DiBiasio as a guest blogger!

Here’s a brief description of his book:

The Affluent Artist is a bridge.
It’s designed to help the business guy embrace creativity, to release his inner genius. And; it’s designed to help the “artiste'” welcome abundance, to use money as another color on his palette.

Creative people CAN be financially successful. The Affluent Artist is designed to help teach you about money and success, no starving artists here. When you teach an artist to be good with money we call her something else: we call her a business owner, we call her an entrepreneur.

If you bring creativity to the table: YOU are an artist. You understand that if your job can be done by a computer or by someone in Asia; creativity is your only option. How Creative Could You Be if Money Wasn’t an Issue? It turns out, money is always an issue. Affluent Artists figure out how to do more than survive. Affluent Artists figure out how to thrive.

The Affluent Artist is about success habits, financial knowledge, business trends, selling more work and occasional fun. It can be personal, about my journey, and it can be about your journey too. The business world is a very different place than it used to be; The Affluent Artist is about finding a way to succeed in it together.

There’s a Creative Revolution going on, Grab a pitchfork!


When I asked Rick why he does what he does, and to share a little bit about his book, here’s what he had to say:

“I wrote the Affluent Artist because I was a bored stockbroker. Even though I’d been at it for 25 years, had worked on Wall Street and had a good career, I needed to write, if I didn’t get some stuff out on paper, I was going to melt. I always knew I would write; when the high school teachers went crazy over my stuff, when the college professors hated it, when my clients loved my newsletters. But a career as a writer? Get real! I knew something about business, had a knack for that too, so I followed the path of least resistance, I let people tell me that only Journalism and English majors got to write and most of them starved. No, starving wasn’t an option.

So, I did what any psychology and religious studies major has to do; I learned to sell and I got pretty good at it. I helped some people along the way too, like I said, I have a knack…

But there was a hole, an inner artist dying to come out, dying to come out even though I had the power ties, the Mercedes and the heart attack. Yup, I was going to show you I could do this business stuff if it killed me.

Then I started to write for real, write a book and everything changed. I grew my hair, started playing guitar and I quit looking at everyone I met as a prospect. I began to enjoy life and the people I was lucky enough to meet. My inner creative was taking over and guess what? I even enjoyed my day job more. The subject I picked was, in hindsight, no coincidence, I wrote about artists and creative people.

My experience with becoming an artist later in life has saved me, I’ve met hundreds of artists who’ve read my book, a book that helps them find their inner business person, a book that gives creative people permission to welcome money and abundance into their lives. I’ve learned that successful people have a lot in common, no matter how they’ve found their success, that good people, in general, can succeed and that I don’t have to be the Type A Wall Street guy to find fulfillment.

Can you merge business and creativity in your life? You might ought to, as my relatives would say, it’s going to be a difficult road for you, either way if you don’t. Welcome creativity and use your business sense together and we won’t call you an artist or a business person anymore. No, we’ll call you a wealthy entrepreneur.”

I highly recommend this book to everyone! There is sure to be something inside that will speak to you.

Visit his website at affluentartist.com

Thanks Rick!


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