A Little Sparkle

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Here are a couple new beauty products that I discovered recently that I just LOVE. If you like skin products that add a little “sparkle” to your beauty repertoire, read on.

“Stars” eyeshadow pencil by Rimmel of London– I’m not a big eyeshadow fan. I’ve never really liked it. I think it usually takes away from looking natural and borders on Barbie doll “fake.” I DO like “Stars” by Rimmel because instead of leaving a layer of unnatural color on your eyelids it just gives you a sublte, glittery glow. This look is perfect for summer, and glitzy enough for a night out on the town.

Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer- This moisturizer smells fantastic and has a subtle skin darkening ingredient that gives you a healthy summer glow without the sun’s harmful UV rays. This is my favorite self-tanner because it doesn’t streak and it has a little bit of golden sparkle to it that accentuates your new “tan.”

Happy Summer!



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