Frugal Bath & Beauty: Vinegar Rinse

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photograph by Melissa Placzek

Spring Spa Tip from Melissa Placzek’s book “Chin Deep in Bubbles” Copyright 2001-FairWinds Press

Well, it seems that spring is almost here (I’m trying to ignore all of the snow that recently got dumped on us.) Time to bring your hair and skin out of hibernation.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your hair and skin are much different during the winter months. All winter I have to diligently moisturize or I turn into an albino raisin. Many shampoos and conditioners that do a good job moisturizing have tiny particles of wax in them. When I was writing my first book and found this out I was kind of surprised that any company (Even some of the more expensive salon brands) would put wax in their hair products on purpose. More research revealed that the wax serves a purpose. It “seals in” the beneficial moisturizing oils in your hair, and actually protects your hair from breakage and sunlight.

All of this is well and good, but after using these products all winter you may notice your hair is sort of wilted and flat. There is a great, all natural and inexpensive hair treatment that you can do about once a month to keep this from ever happening again. YAY! Simply pour 8-10 ounces white vinegar into a glass measuring cup, wet your hair with warm water, and carefully pour the vinegar all over your hair (taking extra care not to get any in your eyes because it stings.) Work the vinegar throughout your hair like you would a conditioner. Rinse the vinegar out and continue washing and conditioning as you usually would. The vinegar breaks down the waxes, leaves your hair super shiny, and returns your scalp to it’s perfect pH. And all of this costs about a nickel.

And, no, it won’t leave you smelling like a pickle.

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