cream cheese christmas tree appetizer

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This is my go-to recipe when someone asks me to bring an appetizer to a Christmas party. It’s fast, easy, delicious, and calls for minimal ingredients! Everyone loves it. Last night I made one with hot pepper jelly, and another with seedless raspberry jam (for the kiddos who don’t like spicy stuff.) Once again, it was a hit!

for one cream cheese christmas tree:

1 (8 oz.) block of cream cheese

1 (10 oz.) jar hot pepper jelly (I used Tabasco brand)

a few smallish slices of cheddar cheese

fresh snipped chives

1 (2 inch) pretzel rod end

Cut cream cheese in half on the diagonal, to create two triangles. Place them flat on a plate in the shape of a Christmas tree. Stir up the jelly and pour it over the cream cheese. Cut a little star out of one of the slices of cheddar cheese. Place it at the top of the “tree.” Cut the rest of the cheddar cheese into little chunks and sprinkle them over the jelly, followed by the snipped chives. Insert the pretzel rod end into the bottom of the “tree” to create the trunk. Serve immediately, or cover and refrigerate for up to 8 hours prior to serving. We like this combination spread on top of buttery crackers such as Ritz or Club.



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