slow cooker spiced apple cider

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We adore spiced cider this time of year and made up a big Crock Pot full for a recent gathering at our home. I have a big infuser ball that looks like a tea ball and I put all my spices in that and just plop it in the slow cooker. I don’t put the cinnamon or sliced orange in the ball. My infuser ball was a gift from my bestie, Jill. She gave me a big jar of William’s Sonoma mulling spices to go with it (which are completely awesome, by the way!) If you’d like to order an infuser ball just click THIS LINK and get thee an infuser ball! Orrrrr, just put your spices in a little muslin bag or a square of cheesecloth tied with cotton cooking string. All options work well. This recipe makes a wonderfully delicious, spicy, warming cider that will delight you and your friends.

*If you opt for the half apple, half cranberry cider, omit the brown sugar or it will be too sweet.

1 gallon tart apple cider (I use the fresh stuff from a local orchard)

OR 1/2 gallon apple cider and 1/2 gallon *cranberry juice cocktail

1/2 cup brown sugar (if you like your cider sweet)

2 teaspoons whole cloves

2 teaspoons whole allspice

1/2 teaspoon coarsely grated, fresh nutmeg

1 orange, unpeeled and sliced

4 cinnamon sticks

Pour cider into a 7 or 8 quart Crock Pot. Place loose spices in infuser ball/muslin bag/ or cheesecloth and put it in the cider. Add orange slices and cinnamon sticks to the pot. Cover and cook on the LOW setting for 3 to 4 hours, or just until hot. Remove the spices, cinnamon sticks and orange slices. Turn slow cooker to WARM setting for up to 4 hours. Cool and refrigerate any cider you don’t drink for future use (I used mine in applesauce!).



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