chilled tomato avocado soup + cucumber relish

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Another lovely way to prepare fresh garden tomatoes! Chilled soup is such a refreshing treat this time of year. Serve it in lieu of salad as the first course to a more elaborate meal, or as part of a light luncheon or tea gathering. It’s so pretty when served in clear canning jars, stemless wine glasses or miniature trifle cups as shown above.

~ serves 3 to 6 people ~

2 lb. perfectly ripe, juicy tomatoes, chopped

2 Tablespoons champagne vinegar

2 Tablespoons dry red wine

sea salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

2 perfectly ripe avocados, pitted peeled and diced

3/4 cup low sodium chicken broth

1/4 cup plain greek yogurt

3 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice

3 Tablespoons onion, chopped

1/2 cucumber, peeled, seeded and chopped

1 Tablespoon fresh basil, chopped

3 to 6 lime or lemon wedges for garnish

Puree tomatoes in blender until smooth. Press through a strainer and discard pulp. Place the tomato puree in a mixing bowl. Add vinegar, wine, sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste. Cover and set in refrigerator to chill for one hour.

Puree avocados, broth, yogurt and lemon juice in a blender until smooth. Salt and pepper to taste. Cover and set in refrigerator to chill for one hour.

Mix the chopped onion, cucumber and basil in a small bowl or canning jar. Cover and set in refrigerator to chill for one hour.

When ready to serve, stir each mixture separately to blend. Divide avocado puree between 3 to 6 glasses/bowls/jars. Gently spoon the tomato mixture over the top. Garnish with the cucumber relish and lime/lemon wedges. Serve immediately.



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