juicy fruit martini

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Here’s another little libation I dreamed up featuring Joia all-natural soda. Joia makes some of the best, most uniquely flavored sodas I’ve ever had. Delicious and truly refreshing. I’m not much of a soda drinker…but these fruity concoctions, with flavors such as: pineapple-coconut-nutmeg, lime-hibiscus-clove, grapefruit-chamomile-cardamom, blackberry-pomegranate-ginger, and ginger-apricot-allspice, make lovely drink mixers. They’re also nice to have on hand as interesting NA drinks for your friends who don’t imbibe.

The one featured in this cocktail is the Orange-Jasmine-Nutmeg, and I love love LOVE it!

In a martini shaker, add:

a handful of ice and a shot of vodka

shake for 15 seconds and using a strainer, pour into a martini glass

top off with some Joia Orange-Jasmine-Nutmeg soda



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