six senses saturday ~ a rainy day in the mississippi river valley

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Thoroughly enjoying our long weekend so far…

feeling :: like taking a Saturday drive across the Minnesota/Wisconsin border … headed to The Creamery in Nelson

knowing :: that these little weekends off are wonderful for allowing myself to refuel and refill the inspiration pool

seeing :: the romantic atmosphere of The Creamery on a rainy spring day…the entire building covered in vines…from the inside where everything is lit by candle light and the warm glow of the fireplace  it feels like a fort me and my brothers would have built when we were younger.

smelling :: woodsmoke from the fireplace, rain and fresh peonies

tasting :: melty, warm brie and ham on baguette with grainy mustard and raspberry conserve…beautiful wine…and a coffee nudge for dessert

hearing :: Ingrid Michaelson’s gorgeous voice crooning over the car stereo

~ wine tasting notes ~

bollini pinot grigio– intense white fruit with a subtle, nutty finish

mohua sauvignon blanc- passion fruit, lime, nectarine and grapefruit

baracco moscato d’ asti– crisp acidity to balance the sweetness of the pineapple and citrus

What did you do today?


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